Employment Tribunal

If you have a claim and require Employment Tribunal representation, our employment lawyers can assist you through all stages of the process from drafting and submitting your claim, dealing with case management directions and representing you at a final hearing.

Consistently winning significant amounts of compensation for employees in numerous high profile cases, our dedicated team of specialist employment solicitors offers extensive expertise and experience in representing employees in Employment Tribunal claims, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal.

We can engage in negotiations to settle your claim through ACAS (an organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes) and seek funding from your insurers if you have legal expenses insurance as part of your home and contents insurance policy. If not, we work with you to find the most cost effective way to pursue your complaint.

Steering you through the many pitfalls and loopholes involved when pursuing a claim, we provide essential legal representation, without which your case will be seriously prejudiced when facing an employer’s legal team in the Employment Tribunal.

Offering expert guidance from the outset we ensure that proper consideration is given to matters that will impact the outcome of your case such as:

  • Does an Employment Tribunal have jurisdiction to hear your claim and has a claim been brought within the appropriate limitation period?
  • Have you identified all possible causes of action in your claim form? A failure to do this may prevent you from pursuing all relevant arguments and possible claims later in the case.
  • Has adequate consideration been given to what compensation should be claimed? All employees are required to set out the compensation they are seeking and how this is calculated in a schedule of loss.
  • Have you complied with all relevant case management directions? A failure to do so could lead to your claim being struck out and even an award of costs being made against you.
  • Has your employer provided all relevant documentation and information in respect of your claim? We are frequently able to obtain orders from the Tribunal compelling employers to disclose further documentation or information which helps support employee’s claims
  • Has adequate consideration been given to what witnesses should be called at the hearing and the contents of any witness statements? Witness statements should be carefully drafted to include all evidence that it is intended will be relied upon at the hearing of the claim.

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