Selling a property

When selling your freehold property Knowles Benning Solicitors are able to advise you throughout your transaction.

Selling a second home or investment

When selling a second home you will have to pay 18% of any gain you make on this property. If you are a higher/additionally rate tax payer, you will pay 28%. It is important to take into account these figures when selling your property.

Right of ways on your property

If you have shared alleyways or public drains on your property, for example, it is good idea to make sure you know as much information before selling your property as you are likely that you will need to share this information with your estate agent and any potential buyers. It is best to be as transparent as possible.

Selling a property and purchasing onwards


If you plan to purchase a property as well as selling, we will always advise keeping the transactions within Knowles Benning Solicitors. This is because we will already have your information for the purchase and ultimately this will save you time and stress.

Knowles Benning also has a range of services that you might want to consider when you are going through a property transaction.

Buying a property

Wills, trusts & probate

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